Our Story


About Us

Where it All Began

Established in 1982, Community EMS began with twenty-five employees and four ambulances. At present, there are nearly 500 employees among all of our organizations and has a fleet of emergency and non-emergency vehicles that include standard ambulances, mobile intensive care units and bariatric transport vehicles. In addition to an exponential increase in size and services offered, Community EMS has grown in structure.

Located at 25400 West Eight Mile Road in Southfield, Michigan, the company now occupies its fourth change of location due to continuing growth over the years. This Southfield location houses our state of the art 24/7 dispatch facility, which accepts over 500 calls each day. Other technological advancements include the implementation of electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) which allows EMS providers to use handheld devices to accurately and securely record patient data at the scene of the emergency or routine transport.

How We Make a Difference

Over the past thirty-seven years, Community EMS has developed a number of mutually rewarding relationships with other health care systems, municipalities, and ancillary providers.

Community EMS has provided staff and vehicles for such national disasters as Hurricanes Ike, Rita, Katrina, Sandy, Florence, Harvey, Erma, California Wild Fires, COVID-19, FEMA REDS Response and has engaged in county wide emergency preparedness plans and agreements. To support its continued growth, Community EMS has created subsidiaries to manage critical, yet specialized tasks. These are the Life Support Training Institute (LSTI), CEMTECH, and Parastar.


Partners in the Field

Community EMS

Founded in August of 1982, CEMS is the oldest licensed EMS system in Oakland County. CEMS employs over 500 employees among its organizations and is one of the largest private EMS provider in South Eastern Michigan. Over the last few years, CEMS has seen growth in volume through improved performance monitoring and reporting which is shared with our clients and employees. Their growth is due to their entrepreneurial spirit and vision which is responsible for their unique JV model.

Life Support Training Institute

LSTI was established in 1986 for the purpose of providing our employees training and education. Over the years, LSTI has grown to become a leader in pre-hospital training and education, and has been approved by both the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), as well as being a Community Training Center (CTC) approved by the American Heart Association. In addition to training EMTs and Paramedics, LSTI also works closely with municipal fire and police departments. Recently LSTI passed its state accreditation and is one of the only private, non-college affiliated institutes to do so. LSTI is now preparing to gain national accreditation that would allow students to obtain federal tuition grants. LSTI has enabled our organization to grow through providing highly qualified professionals to all of our organizations as well as providing our current employees with continuing education and career advancing training.

Beaumont Medical Transportation

Beaumont Medical Transportation Service (BMTS) was established in March of 2008, and has been growing actively both in size and quality of service ever since. BMTS is a not-for-profit corporation, committed to providing quality emergency and non-emergency pre-hospital care and medical transportation. It also provides educational services for health care organizations, municipalities and the general public of Southeastern Michigan.